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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


The White House Fighting against Cyber Attackers

According to David E. Sanger & John Markoff, ÔÇťObama Outlines Coordinated Cyber-Security Plan", the White House is going to be controlling the defensive operations against Internet attackers. Obama presented his teams' plan to combat cyberattackers in a 38 page reading that is available to the public and to companies who suffer from cyberattackers. The New Policy states that the government would place a cyber coordinator over all forms of Internet that would provide offense and defense against domestic and non-domestic cyberattackers. This cyber coordinator would hold a dual position, with one position being with the White House and the other position being the director of the Nation Securtiy Agency, which houses a majority of the governments' computer information in regards to cyber warfare.

My opinion on this issue is that Obama did not lay out a clear plan. To me it sounds good, but there are to many uncertainties, such as the actual tactics that are gonna be used to combat these cyber attackers and the advantages and disadvantages other countries programs have. I am getting tired of having to change emails all of the time because someone hacked the account and to me this problem should not occur if people were punished for their negative activity on the web.

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