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Monday, November 23, 2009


Second Life

Philip Rosedale, CEO of Second Life:
Second Life: What Do We Learn If We Digitize EVERYTHING?

Philip Rosedale at the TED Conference in May of 2008:
(ForaTV, Cowell Theater - San Francisco, CA. Nov 30th, 2006.)

Cory Ondrejka of Second Life reviews the history of online gaming which leads to Second Life:

Cory Ondrejka, "Building Better Places -- Second Life, Collaborative Creation, and 5 Missing Pieces" (Microsoft Research Tech Talk, December, 2005.)

Videos about the Second Life experience:

Wonderland - virtual relationships  (BBC, 2008):

Hugity, "Man vs. Second Life," (2008):

"SLKN Jan 28th - Second Life Korea News [Engish Subtitles]" (Second Life Korea News, January, 2008):

"Live from Second Life: Crisis in Darfur with Mia Farrow and Guests" (Second Life, January, 2007):

Business in Second Life:
IBM Virtual Business Center Tour

"IBM Virtual Strike in SECONDLIFE!"(In Spanish):

Birth in Second Life:

"Kat Horatio Welcomes Twins in Second Life! 7-24-09":

"Te Wāhi Whānau - The Birth Place in Second Life" (Pookymedia, New Zealand. Second Life Education Project, August, 2009):

"SL-Octo Mom - A Second Life Spoof" (pixelscoop.net, Josue Habana, August, 2009):

Architecture in Second Life Machinima (Crescendo Design, ARCH Network, 2007):

More on Virtual Architecture:

"Models from Revit Imported into a Multi-User, Realtime, Collaborative Virtual World" (The ARCH Network, March, 2009.)

Brands in Second Life (Music, filming and editing by Gary Hayes, 2007.)

KZERO Slide Presentation on Virtual World Marketing (April 2008):

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