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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Traditional Media Not Dead Yet

Although digital advertising is continuously growing and changing depending on who the the advertisement is intended for, the impact compared to the traditional ways of advertising isn't as positive. As studies have proven the traditional way of advertising such as T.V., billboards, magazines, newspapers, etc are still “much more likely” to have made a positive impression with consumers than ads running in digital media.

As seen in the article “Traditional Media Not Dead Yet for Marketing, Study Says," when asked what kind of an impression the ad made, 56 percent of survey respondents said traditional media ads made a positive impression, in contrast to 31 percent who said that about digital media ads. Thirteen percent reported a negative impression of traditional media ads versus 21 percent for digital media ads"

Reasons for these statistics are said to have to do with the mood a person is in while viewing these ads. People who are viewing advertisements on T.V. are more likely to be in a positive mode, while relaxing and taking interest in entertainment, while others who use digital media may be in a busy mood looking to solve a problem.

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