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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Beyond Spam: Online Marketing & Advertising

Sources for Online Marketing/Advertising News

Marketing (Time Topic, New York Times)

Digital Next (Advertising Age Blog)

ClickZ News

Are you familiar with "behavioral targeting"?

For a quick introduction read  "Primer on Behavioral Targeting" by Phil Morettini posted on sdnn.com

"Behavioral Targeting: Ads That Track Your Web Activity" (Jack Myers & Mark Ghuneim on Fora.tv)

How about "Google Analytics"?
Google Analytics is a tool for businesses that would like to understand your online activities and habits.  Watch Google's "product tour" for an overview.  Here is a short video from Daily Motion that explains how to use the data generated by Google Analytics to improve your online business.

How are marketer's making the most of social media?

Here is a "new social shopping tool" from RichRelevance

What is "Conversational Marketing"?

Excerpts from Conversational Marketing Conference (International Advertising Association
San Francisco, CA, February, 2009)

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