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Saturday, November 21, 2009


New Online Ads, Behavioral Targeting

We are living in a mass production and a mass consumption era, so marketers always are trying to sell their products to get big profits.  According to improve the digital world, marketing has been transformed in a traditional way to the behavioral targeting in online ads.


We know that Google’s enormous revenue come from online ads.  One of the plans is behavioral targeting, which involves tracking user’s online words. Eric Auchard described the process of tracking of behavioral targeting in his article, “Google Wary if Behavioral Targeting in Online Ads”:


            “A user who types “Italy vacation” into a Google search box might

            see ads about Tuscany or cheap flights to Europe. Were the same

            user to subsequently search for “weather,” Google will assume

            there is a link between “Italy vacation” and “weather” and deliver

            ads tied to local weather conditions in Italy.”


It is absolutely a smart and economic way for marketers and consumers as well as Google, but we always afraid of our privacy.


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