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Monday, November 23, 2009


"Older adults linked to digital revolution"

With advances in technology, there is new hope for those who have not yet taken part in the digital revolution. Millions of elderly people have not had the opportunity to join the revolution due to the complexity of new electronic devices; however, that is now changing thanks to the creation of new stripped-down ''SimplicITy'' Pcs.β€œ These new personal computers, "which are less prone to viruses than standard computers, have just six buttons and allow technology-shy users to surf the internet, send emails and watch videos without having to navigate around cluttered desktops.”

Having the ability to use these simple machines, allows millions of elderly people to keep in better contact with friends and relatives through the use of emails and sharing of pictures. Although the new PCs are a little more expensive than your simple desktops, the older generations will no longer be left out when it comes to the use of cutting edge technology. β€œThe company claimed it had already received interest from several nursing home chains interested in installing the machines in communal areas, as well as approaches from Germany, the US and Canada.” These machines seem like a great way to get the older generations on board during what we have called the digital revolution.

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