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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A New virtual life.....Second life!

Second life is one of the newest technological social network where people can create and make their own virtual self. It is like a social network design to recreate an actual reality into a new one.

IBM is taking second life to the next level and using an avatar to communicate with actual customers. They use the Avatar to process online transactions for customers or other business companies to purchase what they want.

Second Life will be the future of further purchases on IBM and other companies. The second life system is offered in other languages. IBM has a virtual sale associate that can speak and translate into the native langauge selected.

"IBM sales reps will staff the virtual center during business hours in their respective countries and will be able to speak the following languages: English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and French. Asian languages will be supported later this year."

Second life is the way to go! How would your Avatar be like?

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