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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Will Second Life Grow into a Force it's owner Predicts it to be?

Today I read an article by James Johnson where he interviewed Phillip Rosedale, the founder of virtual community Second Life. In this article they discuss many things from the mechanics behind Second Life, to its expected future growth and changes that could be made to better the experience in the virtual community. According to Phillip Rosedale, he expects his creation to be the next 'it' thing, surpassing actual physical communication and turning the world into a place where we communicate through this virtual world. His basis behind this feeling is that he feels that people are more comfortable expressing themselves in a virtual world than in the physical world. This isn't just Rosedale's opinion, as he has studies that back his notion up.

I signed up for Second Life wanting to know what the website was about. I didn't get past creating a character because the old westbury computer doesn't allow for a the Second Life virtual world to be uploaded on their computer. However, from reading the Second Life manual to seeing the avatar character that I created, I think that Rosedale is on to something. Also, he stated in the article that business meeting have been and are currently being conducted on his virtual database. That means that there is already a cult following behind this virtual world and that leads to expansion. Also in second life, you can live voice conversations where if your computer has a microphone, you can talk to the people in the community. I think this company definetly has a bright future and can become a viable source for people to communicate and handle business in terms of economics.

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