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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Facebook and Yahoo, Working Together

In an article titled "Yahoo Expands Integration With Facebook," reported and edited by Alexei Oreskovic and Dave Zimmerman respectively, the idea of bringing your personal identity from Facebook to other websites and having a universal internet identity is becoming closer to reality.

In January, Yahoo had taken on a new CEO and she goes by the name of Carol Bartz. Almost right away, the President and now CEO, Carol Bartz had decided to give Microsoft Corp. the opportunity to continue researching the Internet search technology.

Infact, earlier in the year, Yahoo had re-designed their home page, and in doing so added an option for the user to check his/her Facebook messages from the Yahoo homepage itself.

Now, almost any activity performed from the Yahoo site can be brought into Facebook's news feed. The main goal of this is to drive users back to Yahoo of course, generating a little more buzz around it's own website.

Yahoo has been doing a lot to transform their image including working with Facebook in an attempt to re-vamp its brand.

This new change to Yahoo, is a big one, and Facebook has been adjusting to its vaslty growing community as well, actually, currently Facebook has about 350 million members.

Facebook Connect is a program that has been around for about a year now, and what this does is it allows the user to make their personal ID from Facebook, more universal around the web, meaning your Identity would be known from Facebook so this website you are on now has a way to trust you and or know who you are.
Is Identity 2.0 taking a lift off? It seems like it.

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