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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Cyber Battle Front

The day's of regular war and terrorism have evolved along with the age of technology. As the times change, the cyber world effects evolves also. Our online identity and even the way we play video games are all effected. The Cyber World allows us to engage without physically engaging in anything; where people become virtual.

"This world -- cyberspace -- is a world that we depend on every single day. It's our hardware and our software, our desktops and laptops and cell phones and Blackberries that have become woven into every aspect of our lives" - President Barack Obama

It would seem as if the cross between human and machine, or rather man and technology has already been made. We the people of the modern age bare witness to many the great dimensions of the cyber world that has yet to come. Although the days of field combat are still among us, a new battle field is approaching. A battle field where the enemy is invisible.

However it may seem, the cyber world is unceasingly morphing onto our world.


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