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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Creating a Second Life

 In the beginning, God created everything in the earth and heaven. Now we can create ourselves in the virtual world. Most people dream about their second life, which is a fascinating idea in the website.  I am unfamiliar with all the terms of the second life in the new social network such as avatar, linden money etc.  We are living in a digital world to make everything possible in the virtual world, second life.  We create us by our thought and desire and we become residents in the place where we hang around, chat with people we like and even fly to the space.  What a wonderful world it is! 


In 2003, Second Life gave birth as a virtual world by Linden Lab and now many people who over 18 years old become a resident in online website.  In there, they create their community and socialize and trade properties etc. There is more freedom and honesty about who they are and who they want to be in the virtual world said Philip Rosedale who is the CEO in Linden Lab.


If I have enough time to have fun, I will be someone who I admired and dreamt about in the virtual world such as prima donna, in a big opera house, a famous painter, or a politician etc.  I plan my second life, even though I am in a satisfied and happy life.




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